Ocala Preparatory Academy (OPA) is a K-12 private school (and an OASN Academic Program) located in SW Ocala, FL, founded in 2016. Our learning environments consists of small class sizes, hands-on activities, complemented by creative and critical thinking.


As a result, our students are inspired to learn and excel! 


We believe that physical activity, during the day, assists with the learning process. Consequently, students go outside, either to enjoy learning in a different environment or to participate in various sports, activities, games or physical education. 

Our Mission Statement

To create a rich environment where each learner is respected and is given the resources to reach personal, college, and career goals.

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Our students thrive in our small classes in which they are actively engaged and seen as a partner in the learning experience. Before students are enrolled, they are given the opportunity to visit and to actively participate in the teaching/learning process with their peers for two (or more) days. Additionally, the student selection process includes a testing component for students at the K-6 grade levels. 

Students are offered opportunities to work independently,  in peer groups, or on team-based projects. Gifted students excel, without limitations, within traditional, blended, and/or online environments. Student-centered learning is a focal point of the school. Furthermore, we believe in teaching students to be self-directed in their learning and students work on this skill, particularly, by taking online courses.



Our students enjoy rich curriculum taught by our academic instructors. Students in grades 9-12 are offered personal choice electives. Each student is provided a curriculum that is customized to their academic needs and interests. 


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Ocala Preparatory Academy is a K-12 private school and academic program offered by OASN, a non profit organization serving the community since May 12, 2011.  Choice scholarships accepted. 


Any questions?

Call us: 352-509-4085