Safety Patrol


Student leadership is an integral part of an OPA education. Students, at most class levels, have the honor to be a member of the Safety Patrol, which began in January 2019.  There are seven qualities that must characterize each member of the Safety Patrol: 1. Dependable, 2. Polite and Courteous, 3. Good Role Model, 4. Trustworthy, 5. Respectful, 6. Proud, and 7. Diligent.


  1. Monitor halls and assist students exiting cars during arrival time
  2. Assist students getting to class or designated areas
  3. Assist/work cooperatively with adults in assigned areas
  4. Greet students, families and staff, as they enter the building each morning, to enhance safety in the drop-off area.
  5. Assist teachers.
  6. Assist in positioning orange safety cones during the morning to enhance safety in the drop-off area.

How are Safety Patrol members selected?

Safety Patrols are selected with input from teachers, administration, and the Director of Safety and Security. Consideration is based on student interest, commitment, responsibility, self-discipline, and a positive attitude toward others.

Student Safety Patrols hold a position of honor at OPA. They increase safety for students as well as assist with creating smooth and efficient traffic flow for parents. Safety Patrols are leaders in the school.  By participating as a Safety Patrol, students learn about traffic and pedestrian safety resulting in skills to be role models in their daily lives.

Student Advisory Council


The students must be in good standing in the school academically and present good citizenship, in school and during outside activities.

How are the students selected?

Students will be selected by peers from Grammar and Dialectic classes as well as the homerooms in Logic, Phronetic, and Rhetoric.  Students will vote on a representative(s) which will be approved by the class/homeroom teacher and administration.

Meetings will be held monthly addressing student interests and/or concerns at OPA. This is an opportunity for student leadership. The student advisory members will bring topics for discussion from their group forward to the Student Advisory Council and then they will report back to their "constituents."


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