Our History

Ocala Preparatory Academy (an OASN Academic Program) was founded in 2016 to address the unmet needs of the students in our community by offering small class sizes, customized learning and highly qualified staff.

Our Values

Our caring staff develop customized curriculum to transform education using research to develop minds resulting in innovative learning for the global era.

Our commitment to academic excellence is evidenced by student-centered learning, encouragement to try and a compassion for motivating students to learn at higher levels.  Our professional staff utilizes myriad resources to pave the way for endless career or post secondary choices for our students.

Our Customized Curriculum

Our students enjoy a rich curriculum taught by our academic program staff online and onsite. We embrace an infusion of technology into our customized curriculum.  Students in grades 6-12 take numerous personal choice electives and technology-based subjects to best prepare them to become citizens of a global era and workforce. Each student is provided a curriculum that is customized to their academic needs and interests. Furthermore, to reinforce the learning process, to master skills or to do independent research, our parent company provides a laptop computer to each student.

Honor programs are offered in English, mathematics, and science at OPA and the class grades are weighted with an additional .5 added to the grade earned for all honors classes. Students may also take classes online, at the honors level, as well as numerous Advanced Placement (AP) classes.

(K-2nd grade)

Alpha and Beta are the first two letters of the Greek alphabet. Alphabetarians are students who are at the beginning of their academic career. Learning the alphabet is the beginning of reading and reading is the key to learning. In the Alphabetarian classroom, the emphasis is on developing a solid foundation in reading skills including phonics, sight words, and strategies for text comprehension.

At the beginning of each day, students participate in the "Morning Meeting" where students practice social skills and discuss focused topics of the day. The Alphabetarian class is where the love of learning is nurtured. The goal of the Alphabetarian class is to create a love of learning and to master reading fluency and comprehension.  Within a blended environment with books and a computer, students also enjoy learning mathematics, science and social studies. Music is provided within various contexts of rhythm, dance, and singing. Art is also an integral component of the fine arts curriculum.

Grammar (3rd-5th Grade)

The Grammar class is an environment in which students learn to compare and contrast in more depth, to express their thoughts in essays, and to continue building upon their math skills. At the beginning of each day, students participate in the "Morning Meeting" where students practice social skills and discuss focused topics of the day. Students learn many fun facts about science, mathematics, and social studies. Art and music also complement the Grammar curriculum, showcasing student creativity and talent.

Dialectic (3th-12th Grade)

The focus of the Dialectic class is to expand the basic skills of reading to learn. The Dialectic students continue to gain knowledge in various disciplines such as math, science, and social studies but also begin to use the process of investigation and experimentation to validate facts and make discoveries. They also learn about careers using the I Can Work curriculum. Additionally, the students in the 6th -12th grade, will learn from a special access points curriculum, to ensure that teaching and learning are adapted to their needs.

Logic (6th-8th Grade)

In the Logic classroom, students begin to explore cause and effect, how different fields of knowledge relate, and the way facts fit together into a logical framework. In this classroom, abstract thought begins to develop and the student begins to apply logic to all academic subjects. Some of the rudiments of grammar are reinforced in the language arts class, mathematical skills continue to build on last years learning, and students continue the exploration of the myriad aspects of science and social studies.

Phronetic (8th-10th Grade)

In this classroom, students first begin to create an action plan for their future. They develop steps to achieve that plan and with the help of the instructional staff, continue to develop the skills needed for academic and career excellence. Social-emotional skills are emphasized in this group as students are taught skills to thrive as adults, both in their chosen career and personal life.

Rhetoric (10th-12th Grade)

In this class, students begin to seek out their own interests, set challenging, yet attainable goals, and begin to take risks in course selection. This is attributed to our professional instructional staff, as they encourage and lend assistance leading to the students' success.

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Ocala Preparatory Academy is a K-12 private school and academic program offered by OASN, a non profit organization serving the community since May 12, 2011.  Choice scholarships accepted. 


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