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About Us

Who Are We?

Ocala Preparatory Academy was founded in 2016 to provide college preparatory personalized learning in a joyful environment without boundaries.

About Us

About Us

Ocala Preparatory Academy (OPA) is a K-12 private college preparatory school offering small class sizes, art, music, science experiments, organic gardening and lots of outside recreation time. Limited Enrollment.

OPA Students

OPA Students

Our students are children that will thrive in an environment with small class sizes where they are actively engaged and seen as a partner in the learning experience. Gifted students are offered the opportunity to excel without limitations. Students will be offered opportunities to work independently and in a group learning environment.

Our Pledge:


Ocala Preparatory Academy is committed to developing personalized and group centered curriculum for each student. Ocala Preparatory Academy further pledges to provide or connect our students with resources leading to college preparatory goals.


Our students enjoy a rigorous college preparatory curriculum taught by OPA instructors. We embrace an infusion of technology into our curriculum and our students (upper grades) are taught web design and a variety of technology-based subjects to best prepare them to become citizens of a "digital" world and workforce. Each student is provided curriculum that is personalized to their academic needs and interests.

The classes at OPA all have a common goal to create lifelong independent learners who are college and career ready by graduation or before. Each class has a specific part of this goal in mind:


The Alphabetarian class is the class where a love of learning is birthed. The children are saturated in the joy of the written word infused with music, art and fun. The goal of the Alphabetarian class is to create a love of learning, a love of books and build fluent reading skills. This year, Ocala Preparatory Academy is piloting a new blended learning partnership with Florida Virtual School. The students in the Alphabetarian class will be assigned a virtual teacher and attend classes virtually in addition to their regular classroom learning. Every student will also have their own i-Ready® account. i-Ready® is an award winning program which delivers engaging online lessons at each student’s skill level based on results from an online diagnostic which is given several times during the year. From their website, i-Ready® provides “easy-to-read reports pinpoint students’ abilities down to the sub-skill level and provide educators with a detailed action plan and resources for differentiated instruction.”



In the Grammar classroom, students learn many fun facts about science, mathematics, geography and other subjects. They continue to hone their reading skills as they journey on their way to being independent, joyful learners.


The focus of the Dialectic class is expanding beyond reading to learn into writing to communicate. The Dialectic students continue to gain knowledge in various disciplines, but also begin to use the process of investigation and experimentation to validate facts and make discoveries.



In the Logic classroom, students begin to explore cause and effect, how different fields of knowledge relate, and the way facts fit together into a logical framework. In this classroom abstract thought begins to mature and the student begins to apply logic to all academic subjects. Some of the higher order thinking skills introduced in this class are: criticism and analysis of literature, being able to defend a thesis statement in writing, and constructing experiments to demonstrate a scientific law.


In the Rhetoric class, (usually tenth grade and above) the high school student learns to write and speak with force and originality. This class applies the rules of logic learned in the junior high level classes to the foundational information learned in the elementary level classes and develops the ability to form and defend a position of thought by effectively communicating this position in writing and oration. Students also begin to focus on an area of knowledge which attracts them. At OPA, every Rhetoric student must choose a major and select classes which prepares them for later college and career success.

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